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I don't even need a blanket. So you know what -- you know in big cities now, people are -- you know, who have to deal with rodents in the alleys and stuff, they're getting feral cats, right, and they stick them out there. STALF: So Sonny the sloth, we love sloths because they’re the slowest -- slowest mammal in the world. STALF: This is a sand cat. Oh, look who I found. COMPAGNO: Not -- it's my understanding. Get premium, high resolution news photos at Getty Images Because I see the people coming at me. It's just, it's like gnarly. That's next. WILLIAMS: You know what? WILLIAMS: You didn't. WATTERS: -- do spin around and create that whirling dervish? GUTFELD: I thought that meant [unintelligible]. You're a ham, Biscuit Bream. COMPAGNO: Final question, Sergeant Bork, can I please try on the bite suit? Dance with daddy. GUTFELD: That's a great speech impediment test. Market data provided by Factset. Like a Mazda Miata. Straddling a hammock takes practice. JeffRambler Published December 11, 2020 19 Views. COMPAGNO: There's a U.S. war dog organization that will help try to link up those retired dogs with a former handler. WATTERS: I need a Rookie wall. Your favorite hosts show off their pets on our Thanksgiving Animals are Great special. Greg Gutfeld on Biden reponse to Tara Reade claims: He 'was doing great in that interview until he confessed' "The Five" weighed in Friday on presumptive Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden's response to allegations he sexually assaulted a woman while serving in the Senate. While you stuff your faces, we're going to amuse you with some of the coolest creatures ever created. WILLIAMS: I was going to say definitely not your head because you head was exposed. This is her perch where she likes to guard the house and guard the yard for squirrels. Don’t let the lines get your goat. Greg built his show from scratch, and did a great job in doing so.” Ratings for “The Greg Gutfeld Show” are doing something pretty notable right now. STALF: But we love them, don't we? STALF: They are fast. Here's our first question. Market data provided by Factset. All right, Democrats, if you lose, you surely can protest, that's your right, but do it with class. We are thankful for all creatures regardless of shapes and sizes and how they are born. The president made a surprise trip there today. COMPAGNO: And they trained with a few different breeds. He can always catch, as you can see. COMPAGNO: It's whatever you have on you. PERINO: Even at the Columbus Zoo, do they not drink? Ricky! COMPAGNO: This is Duchess. This time, Gutfeld goes nuclear. WILLIAMS: There's a different moment [unintelligible]. By djhaycox1. All right. That's very easy. WILLIAMS: What's -- why do you [unintelligible] a parrot? WATTERS: Well, a buddy of mine growing up had a piranha in his fish tank, and I always thought that was a pretty vicious pet to have. Gregory Gutfeld (born September 12, 1964) is an American television producer, commentator, author, editor, and comedian. Good girl. The perfect Animals Are Great Animated GIF for your conversation. And, a reminder, I don't know the answers in advance. So you remember that saying, "Three dog night? It keeps me warm. STALF: So the locals, when it was really cold, they would sleep with their -- their canines, their dingos. Rookie. But not anymore. There's about a million of them in Australia. You lost him somewhere and you found him all dried up in a vent. Roll over. Legal Statement. WILLIAMS: Welcome back to The Five's Thanksgiving Animals Are Great special. The sloth? They are incredibly restricting, really a tough canvas feel. So two-toed sloths and three-toed sloths are found in Central and South America. STALF: Never a species like this, ever. They only defecate once a week? And sadly, the cat died of leukemia. I love him so much. GUTFELD: This is the greatest animal ever. I just need to know a head start. WATTERS: Everybody's a winner. Jan 1, 2019 - Explore Giathomas's board "Greg gutfeld" on Pinterest. Greg Gutfeld was born as Gregory John Gutfeld on September 12, 1964, in San Mateo, California. COMPAGNO: And it's trained -- it's -- I think it depends on the training, but it's to apprehend the suspect or whatever. STALF: Yeah. WILLIAMS: I thought you were getting it to control dogs. Over the years, we've collected lots of photographs or pieces of art, actually, from fans and friends and family. Stick around. ALL Cove Seating areas ALLOW for either 2, 3 or 4 people from the same group … It's the only true cat that's found in the desert. PERINO: I will come over and help. Give a high five? When The Five's Animals Are Great Thanksgiving special comes right back. Give it right underneath the nose. Fox cohosts of "The Five" Dana Perino and Greg Gutfeld welcome Columbus Zoo for Animals Are Great Segment at Fox News Channel Studios on September 12, 2019 in New York City. Where is Sadie? Greg? And, really, when we talk about swift fox, they were in deep trouble. GREG GUTFELD, CO-HOST: Surprise for you this year. So, what are the options in -- No. The Greg Gutfeld performance on Sunday, December 13th is being postponed to Sunday, April 18, 2021. But I used to see them at the zoo. Tom Stalf, rhymes with golf, Dana. GUTFELD: So, I went to the pet store. GUTFELD: That's why you're the CEO [unintelligible]. And then Sargent Bork said that I have to, like, watch the dog as I'm running. GUTFELD: What is it? MALE SPEAKER: When [unintelligible] gave his speech, he said, you know, as a handler, you come in loving dogs, but it grows on you. MALE SPEAKER: Here, you want to hold her? And everyone knows America's dog, Jasper. Tom? And I had total faith in these guys that are the absolute professionals. Sit. STALF: They won't get much bigger than this. They will bite you. ©2021 FOX News Network, LLC. [dog barking] And Kyoto is like the greatest creature on earth. [Laughter]. So what about this guy? Six months of puppy fur and fury. But in Australia, there's a lot of sheep, so they'll hunt. Catch. GUTFELD: That's a good question. And now you have the female with the pouch, right? I think it's so adorable to see how everyone acts with their pet. Baby bears are so cute. Legal Statement. Don't say it’s disgusting. There's an eagle that would live out there. Jesse, you’re up. Greg Gutfeld's Animals Are Great Classic T-Shirt. Isn't he amazing? MALE SPEAKER: [unintelligible] you. And I thought you looked so like friendly and loving. But that's really -- that to me is like watching a needle as it goes into my skin like I couldn't do it. One More Thing like you've never seen it before. STALF: -- canine from Australia. Facebook question from Tia R. If you were an animal in the zoo, guys, which animal would you want to be? And it also is trained to do different body parts as well. So, when they get older, they'll be paired up with other sand cats and hopefully we'll have [unintelligible]. They kind of remind me of CNN anchors Don Lemon and Chris Cuomo. Rookie. WILLIAMS: I like the tail. WATTERS: I meant like a Tic-Tac or something, or like my keys. So they're -- these are just young. It's what happens when you get older, Emily. He doesn't even have to speak. Good job. PERINO: Hi, everyone. WATTERS: But I didn't wouldn't want that at my house. An octopus in the Monterey Bay Aquarium because their life spans are longer in captivity. COMPAGNO: I'm in this section [spelled phonetically]. WATTERS: This is Rookie Watters. Emily, what do you think? WATTERS: What was the guy's favorite animal in the Columbus Zoo? This is Lieutenant Dan treeing walker coon hound. She has a big vocabulary, so she knows that word. That's what happened to -- remember Sharon Stone's first husband, the guy who owned the San Francisco Examiner? And once I lived through that moment, then it was totally exciting. And then while -- you keep moving. And they're very comfortable. You didn't ask for them? The dog toy costs $9.99. GUTFELD: Well, I had three older sisters, so I was kept in a cage. GUTFELD: All right, we've got our next animal coming up here. I need that Metamucil. GUTFELD: You know, Juan, just say you want him to attack me and just move on. STALF: Well no. We're doing the sloth, right? Quotes displayed in real-time or delayed by at least 15 minutes. Animals Are Great: Meet the furry friends of Fox News. WATTERS: Because you can jump, allegedly, the footage of the full bus. They can -- their brain switches for them, so they're able to swim on. See more ideas about greg gutfeld, man humor, african giraffe. Do they have pets? Mutual Fund and ETF data provided by Refinitiv Lipper. MALE SPEAKER: And they can jump about 40 feet every time. Dog's going to hit. Don't eat the sloth. This is me basically trying to find something to watch at night. WATTERS: So, he pulled you down with some force? He doesn't know. Ousted Navy Secretary Richard Spencer says the commander-in-chief, President Trump, has very little understanding of how the military works. That's what they're trained in. I loved growing up the Gila monsters and Komodo dragons. STALF: Oh, yeah, definitely keep them apart. Emily comes face to face with a military working dog. Now, the gray kangaroo is smaller than the red. greg: does your animal breck would you call it a peck, pita the animal rights group is offed by what you're saying, they want you to stop calling your animals pets and stop referring yourself to an owner. Powered and implemented by FactSet Digital Solutions. Geno is a guard dog. Let's check out this fella. Market data provided by Factset. Woo! And so that's what they eat. So, I think what Lola means is like a pet you had to take care of. WATTERS: Just say goodbye, Dana, in the cat voice, please. Lie down. But he used to make noises, and if he didn't like guests, he would scowl. See how happy they are! Like, other cats just. Content and Programming Copyright 2019 Fox News Network, LLC. ©2021 FOX News Network, LLC. Is it --. WATTERS: I think that was Sharon Stone that bit it off --, COMPAGNO: Yes. I'm going to win this time, when we return. Take a look. PERINO: I don't want to clean up after it. So, this female has a marsupium, which means it has a pouch. Et, but it’s outpacing … So, then I got to have cats after that, on the condition that I would take care of it, start to finish. That's it for "The Five," Thanksgiving special. GUTFELD: Something like a little fox anchor. MALE SPEAKER: So the dingo is a beautiful canine from Australia. Did Juan get it? And it was my job to clean out the cage. EMILY COMPAGNO, GUEST CO-HOST: You want us to take it off the leash? (Apologies to Jane and Lisa Hammock!). WILLIAMS: You know what I thought? So, if it's a perpetrator and -- does a dog know, does it sink its teeth all the way in or is it trained not to penetrate? Exactly. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten, GUTFELD: Oh, that's like me. I thought you could learn personalities based on pets. When you hit the streets, do it with a smile! It's much larger. Quotes displayed in real-time or delayed by at least 15 minutes. I took him to the park the other day, and he has these two friends, they're German shepherds, but he can -- they play fight -- sorry, Greg, for the video being the wrong way. And if you're a true American, it’s important to help each other out in times of need. [music]. What happens when they retire? We all love them. At the Columbus Zoo, they're our favorite animals. Like the pilgrims and the Indians. Keep moving. Fox News hosts show off their pets on 'The Five.'. But when we talk about all of the different animals that we have at the Columbus Zoo and Aquarium, we have 11,000 animals, over 800 different species, a lot of them are highly endangered, and that's how we work together with the species --. You know, the thing that I love about --. I mean, that was all like torque on his part. So, they all get trained in an air force base out of Texas for the patrol ones, [unintelligible] are the narcotics, and then explosives are trained at a different location and then --. Good boy. GUTFELD: He might be breaking some news all over me. Watch this. WILLIAMS: That's what I wanted to ask about, because last time you were here, you told us, "Don't touch the -- don't go near the sloth," right? Tickets purchased for the previous date will be valid for the performance on April 18, 2021. WATTERS: Usually the fox slaps you in the face. Feeding, water, cleaning out the kitty litter, like a hundred percent. I'm trying to watch Fox & Friends all morning. WATTERS: Okay, fishbowl, 18.99. Like I would -- I think then they wouldn't know that they were in captivity. Patience wears thin, the attention span of puppies starts waning and dogs get tired … STALF: So this is a swift fox. And look, if it doesn't work out -- never give up. I'm getting a little nervous. And they're not even looting!! Looks like an octopus has joined the party. I went down to the dog kennel at Joint Base McGuire-Dix-Lakehurst in New Jersey, and I got a first-hand look at how these brave canine warriors operate. Look at this... (Video of a German Shepherd pulling a Yorkshire Terrier out of a pool.). All right. I was in Costa Rica, and there was a tree that had fallen, and it looked like coconuts, but they were really just a sloth laying right there. The president also used the visit to meet with Afghanistan's president and announced the U.S. and Taliban have restarted peace talks. And we were responsible for feeding, watering, and I don't know if we actually did it properly. But a high percentage of the Malinois that you're talking about. COMPAGNO: And they're trained -- depending on the emphasis, that's where they're trained officially. They get together and then it's endless fun. But this time, battling it out over the prices of some of our favorite items from our furry pet friends, whoever guesses the closest without going over wins. And finally, always remember that no matter the outcome – “The Five” will always be here for you. You're going to catch him this way. STALF: There's a little moth that lives on the sloth, and when the sloth will come down about once a week to defecate, away from their home, that sloth will go down and lay its egg, so it's a symbiotic relationship. GUTFELD: We're going to be eating everything here. WATTERS: Yeah. There's more animal fun in store for our Thanksgiving special, including this. “Again, you’re so blind, because you, like Greg, are deep in the bunker.” “You know, if you say that again, I’m going to throw you off the set,” says Gutfeld, apparently serious. Don't get the panther, Juan. WATTERS: No, I'm not saying you drug the dog, Juan. Up next, we're answering your questions in a pet edition. Greg was raised in Roman Catholic and once was an altar boy. PERINO: Not on National Geographic, not on anything else? STALF: Maybe on National Geographic when they've shown them out in Northern Africa, in the desert. They're getting all their fluids from the leaves that they're eating. GUTFELD: -- from now on. All of these. GUTFELD: So this is a cable news exclusive right now. Powered and implemented by FactSet Digital Solutions. What animal intrigues you, but you're afraid that have one as a pet? So --. So, after the big Oakland fires in the early 90s, then we housed a family that had cats. or redistributed. You've got to try. We have a little dog toy right there. I wonder what those office meetings are like. She is a 10-year-old Doberman pitcher. PERINO: I like to -- I like when you held him up like Simba. They are -- they are a carnivore, but they're also a marsupial. Now back to The Five. They'll bite your foot off. tv The Greg Gutfeld Show FOX News January 6, 2019 1 :00am-2:00am ... what she said animals are great. Nov 26, 2013 - Explore Mischellene Ball's board "Greg Gutfeld" on Pinterest. All right, here we go. WILLIAMS: What about the baby kangaroo that Emily's holding? WATTERS: So last time, it was the male kangaroo without the pouch, and I complained. WATTERS: Oh, I thought that was just a cartoon. Mutual Fund and ETF data provided by Refinitiv Lipper. You see it when it happens. MALE SPEAKER: We don't believe in labels here. ), CLICK HERE TO INTERACT WITH FOX NEWS VOTER ANALYSIS, Don’t worry little guy. GUTFELD: Got his toe bitten off by a Komodo dragon or Gila monster. PERINO: You don't want to be a horse in a zoo. Chambers -- B.G. >> screaming for impeachment is an attention seeking device the democrats version so now i am so edgy that a 14 -year-old thinks it is bad ass so it starts off for the last one ended so trump causes good … I'm saying you present it to the dog. All rights reserved. That's a good pet for a friend to have. GUTFELD: Because we could do that in the B block. STALF: Yeah, at the Columbus Zoo we're known for all of our outreach programs. But don't -- don't get me wrong, a gray kangaroo is still tall. COMPAGNO: So, I'm going to be screaming in pretend fear. Then they also get 60 days of patrol training, learning all their basic stuff, then they go through a certification process, and then they get released to their duty station. So --. You know, out in the wild, they are not endangered. We all love our pets here on “The Five,” as you know. WATTERS: All right, check out this lemur. Click here for more information on Greg Gutfeld. It's -- not a lot of fiber in that one. COMPAGNO: I would want to be the thing that was -- like didn't know it was in a zoo. And then, you know, you'd catch things outside, and you'd feed it and you'd throw it in the tank and then you'd watch it destroy it. ", (Video of two bears playing on a tire swing), CLICK HERE TO SEE FOX NEWS’ LIVE PROBABILITY DIALS, Look at them! Okay. So these are not. Everybody had little box turtles. He's like, "I'm happy.". WILLIAMS: I'm glad that he still has a hand after he's sticking his hand under there. He must have a -- there must be a lot of predators out there. Because the hippos, they get to go underwater and then they [makes sound]. They, we just love the --. I had little box turtles. WATTERS: And I'm glad they didn't put some of the things in the package. Everything about them is upside-down. COMPAGNO: Oh, yeah. And I've seen all the broadcasts. STALF: So that would be my last day of work. He's my first dog. COMPAGNO: Welcome back. So, is it part -- I mean, so they're used to seeing everything upside-down. He joined the University of California, Berkeley … Okay, thanks, you guys, and thanks to Joint Base McGuire-Dix-Lakers for letting me train with the dogs. And they're on the golf courses. We have a -- we have a kangaroo. PERINO: Well, we had -- in my house, we had a dog named Jocko. >> a lot of people who have dogs and cats will call them there pets and refer themselves as owners and this … You got a little turtle and it lived for maybe two weeks. Get the recap of top opinion commentary and original content throughout the week. GUTFELD: It reminds me of a vaporizer I once used --. New Gutfeld Gift Items for this Holiday Season December 5, 2020 New Holiday Gutfeld Gift Items November 27, 2020 Sign-up for 2021 Live Show Dates November 27, 2020 So we bring our animals to you if you can't go to the zoo. When going through German shepherd puppy training, you may want to lower that even further to 10 or 15 minutes. WATTERS: Should they all do -- Does one dog ever do all three? COMPAGNO: So the owner does have a little makeshift thing with wheels so he sometimes can be seen at the dog park running around with two wheels like a dog go-cart. WATTERS: They're a little scared. PERINO: Well, Rookie, you need to work on that. He protects the entire building. We've got special guest Turbo, Knots, and Bella, the dogs. The Greg Gutfeld Show; The Ingraham Angle; The Journal Editorial Report; The Next Revolution with Steve Hilton; The Property Man; The Story with Martha MacCallum; Tucker Carlson Tonight; War Stories; Watters' World COMPAGNO: I'm happy that you both won in the true spirit of Thanksgiving. COMPAGNO: They do. They assured me that he would not go after my face or fleshy neck. What an example. WATTERS: Yes. STALF: They're also found -- they said, years and years ago, in Asia -- but mainly found in Australia. WATTERS: It's got my hand in its -- okay. But, you know. COMPAGNO: Yes. But to make it through this crazy day, only animals can show you the way! Is a fish -- wait, why am I in there? This is Biscuit Bream. TOM STALF, PRESIDENT AND CEO OF THE COLUMBUS ZOO: Yes. FEMALE SPEAKER: Our dog teams are always training to better our dog teams in advance them for where they need to be. WILLIAMS: What do you think? Gila monster, I think. MALE SPEAKER: Yeah, about the length of a [unintelligible]. I had guinea pigs, and it was a disgusting situation --. WATTERS: Juan's already out in the lead. JESSE WATTERS, CO-HOST: Dana, can you do your cat voice for the audience? He can squeeze into any possible chair that we're going to sit in. But being a joey, it's real, real small. WILLIAMS: I'm here with Pepper, Wesley, and Eli, the grandkids. So, they'll give narcotics to the dog. Isn't it beautiful? Greg Gutfeld is an American journalist, author, producers, and television show host. FEMALE SPEAKER: You run up with your arm just like this. WATTERS: Do traffickers ever put drugs inside the pouch when they're trying to get out of trouble? WATTERS: Dog toy. So when they're actually swimming, they don't have to turn their head. Subscribe Share. [laughs] Well, sometimes you got to stop. So that's where it comes from. That was kind of awesome. COMPAGNO: How strong is the dog's sense of smell? And also, the leaves will hold water. WATTERS: It does look a little technologically advanced, all right? ), CLICK HERE TO READ MORE FROM GREG GUTFELD. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten, or redistributed. So, no. When they do go down, they can swim very, very well. But then I just read that their hind legs were having a lot of trouble, and so they switched so that now -- still most are German shepherds. So the last time we were here, we had --, STALF: Isn't it just -- so a kangaroo is a marsupial, and they're only found in Australia. She is very easily distracted at this point. And so we do such a great job with Susie Rapp and her entire animal program team. Lie down. And he's amazing. WATTERS: But we'll play the game anyway. But did you like having the guinea pigs? PERINO: Well, that was a great show, Greg. To, you know. I got Emily here to protect me. You all hate me for this. So, they get 60 days of detection training. But guess what? That's the word I was looking for. COMPAGNO: It's so telling and all the love that shines from everyone. All right. This cat is the coolest cat I've ever seen. Tags: maroon 5 five the five greg gutfeld dana perino jesse watters waters juan williams kimberly guilfoyle foxnews oclock new york city adam levine pop los angeles ca caifornia girls you like sugar sunday morning wait super bowl … But I agree with you. And it was Newky. WATTERS: Can I stick something in the pouch? I was trying to run, and you could see, you cannot run in those suits. COMPAGNO: Right, so right now I am getting geared up clearly for what will be likely the highlight of my life, which is the demonstration -- this is what's called a bite suit. They spend most of their time, though, up in the trees. GUTFELD: All right for the special edition of Animals are Great, here's my cat, Captain Monkey Face. GUTFELD: Yes. (Video of a bulldog struggling to climb into a hammock. WILLIAMS: But I was saying like to go after things you don't like. ©2021 FOX News Network, LLC. Obviously, Jasper can sit. WILLIAMS: Emily, I see a motherly instinct. Well, there goes my dry clean --. Ooh, it's me. And we have them at the Columbus Zoo. STALF: That's right. WILLIAMS: That's what I was thinking. Stay right there. (Video of two goats with "I love voting" stickers on their heads). And swift foxes are found in North America, so you could find them in Colorado, Kansas, even up in Canada. He's a mini poodle. WILLIAMS: Wait. And they're going to hunt any type of animal they can get. MALE SPEAKER: No, it's actually me. WILLIAMS: No I don't know. WILLIAMS: Well, you know what I was thinking people get like phony limbs right, but he didn't -- not him. Shop high quality Greg Gutfeld T-Shirts from CafePress. It's a Facebook question from Lola M. Lola asked, "What was your first animal responsibility growing up?" GUTFELD: Oh, like me. Rumble — My cute animal submission. Mutual Fund and ETF data provided by Refinitiv Lipper. GUTFELD: Yeah. MALE SPEAKER: They say between a thousand and ten thousand times stronger than a human's. Would you want to do that with one of these that --. Military working dogs serve side by side with our troops, protecting and keeping them safe. Fan mail on The Five's Thanksgiving special. WILLIAMS: And you, you keep falling down with us. All rights reserved. Like hearing him like literally chomping at the bit, like whining in anticipation of sinking his teeth into my pink fleshy skin. STALF: So this is a young joey. WILLIAMS: Yeah. Everybody put the prices up. WILLIAMS: All right. He's 13 months old. GUTFELD: Everybody's cats. If you put a pinch of salt in an Olympic-sized swimming pool, the dog will pick it out. STALF: No, they're definitely not endangered. WILLIAMS: That's great, so no -- no prosthetics. COMPAGNO: No, no, no. COMPAGNO: So full of life. (Video of a Dachshund running down the hall followed by a baby duck. It took a while for this guy to get it right. No. And then my sister and I brought home a cat from the ranch. Actually, I'm sorry, they're nine weeks old. What strokes does a sloth swim? We read each other's thoughts. Legal Statement. COMPAGNO: Yes. STALF: Yeah, they're, they're youngsters. Let me make sure everyone realizes, though. It’s time for the 2020 election special: Animals Are Great edition!!! Last, in 2020, she appeared in the TV series, The Greg Gutfeld Show as a host. He does whatever I want because he's my best and only friend, right, California Captain Monkey Face? Be loud and be fun and we'll be right there.

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